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Search String Integration

Find below the steps to integrate our search string and follow up steps. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager for support.

Search String Example

1. Search String

The image shown contains a sample search URL string. This string given to you has been customized with your id. Be careful when editing. The only change required is for you to replace the "Query" part of the string with the search the user conducts on your extension/app/page.

Search String Field

2. Testing

Once you've integrated your search string, we suggest testing it to ensure the search reaches Bing or Yahoo (based on your contract with us). Note some of the search query strings are specifically created for desktop or mobile traffic. Test it, by using keywords such as "cards" or "toys"- Do not click on any of the Bing Ads!

Chrome Store Example

3. Launch Your Product

Now that you've integrated our search, upload your extension to chrome store, Apple/Android app store etc. Let live user traffic come into your product.

Big Engage Reports

4. Track Your Earnings

Your account manager will provide an online reporting page where you can track your daily income. If you have multiple ids assigned to you, the report will display income for each. The report can be viewed online, downloaded via CSV file or pulled via API.

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